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Bring your evidence at trial to life and emphasize the themes

of your case to persuade the jury to find in favor of your client.

Certified TrialDirector® 6 Consultant with 19+ years of experience as a Civil Trial Attorney seamlessly presents your exhibits to the jury in virtually every format, instantaneously

displaying to the jury documents, photographs, video depositions, PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint slides,  & 3D animations during openings, cross-examinations, direct examinations, & closings.  My talents  &  experience  &  knowledge of TrialDirector® 6’s database, search engine, synchronized deposition transcripts & compatibility with other software programs will help you spotlight the significance &/or inconsistencies of evidence and highlight the links between pieces of evidence to maximize the jurors' understanding & recall of your critical evidence.

New Hampshire Trial Presentations

Closing Argument PowerPoint Presentation in Norfolk County (MA) Construction Site Case in Which  Plaintiff Had Sustained Fractured Skull  in Fall From Scaffolding, Demanded $10 Million to Settle, & Jury Returned Defense Verdict

Boston Trial Exhibits
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Call Today for a Free Demonstration of the Powerfully Persuasive Presentation that PCubed Litigation Presentations Will Project in the Courtroom Using TrialDirector® 6 and Evidence from Your Case.

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